Snow (!) by Mr. Wardlow

Yes, snow has come early to parts of the United States and Canada and here is an Accuweather link. The snow has been very heavy (over 1m deep) in places and people have had to DIG their cars out!

This type of snow is called lake-effect snow and has been caused by cold air being blown across the warm (well, warm-ER) Great Lakes. The air has collected moisture and that moisture has fallen as heavy snow.

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  1.   Kais Says:

    When is it going to snow in Europe and the United Kingdom?

    •   mwardlow Says:

      Good question, Kais. In Europe, snow occurs earlier in the winter and more commonly the further away from the sea you get. It also comes earlier in the mountainous areas, such as the Alps and Pyrenees, along with much of Scandinavia. Parts of Russia see snow on the ground for most of the winter.

      In the U.K., we only experience a few days of significant snow each winter. Higher ground in Scotland, Wales, the Pennines and the Lake District get more snow than lower-level land.

      The coldest months are January and February and that is when snow is more likely to fall here.

      You would have been very young in December 2010 when it was very cold for almost all of the month. Do any of you remember that winter?

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