Night and day by Mr. Wardlow

Today in Geography Club, we talked about how it is a different time of day in different parts of the world. This World Clock link tells you the time it is now in cities around the world.

Why is it a different time though? Hopefully, this image of the Earth showing live (or nearly live) day and night will help to explain. The lines between light and dark are sunrise and sunset. When it is midday in the United Kingdom, it is afternoon in much of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, evening in East Asia, night in Australia and New Zealand and early morning in North and South America.

2 Responses to “Night and day by Mr. Wardlow”

  1.   Laiba Says:

    This is a very interesting piece of information.

  2.   mwardlow Says:

    Thanks, Laiba. Glad you agree.

    How would the image of night and day on Earth be different at 4pm UK time on a day in June to 4pm to the same time of day in December?

    Thanks for attending today’s meeting, Laiba.

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