Internet safety by Mr. Wardlow

Children, it is extremely important that you use the internet safely, wherever you are.


At school, please type into the address window at the very top of your internet browser  (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) page, then use Kidrex for your searches. This website is designed especially for children your age to enjoy using the internet in safety.

At home, please ask an adult’s permission to use the internet. They may be happy for you to use other search engines under their supervision.

If you ever see anything on the internet that you don’t like or that concerns you – close down or minimise the screen immediately and inform an adult. Remember, with tablets that have cases, they can be closed immediately. If you are having difficulty closing the screen, you can switch your monitor off but only if you know how to. If a website is asking you to click on a link and you aren’t sure about it – don’t!

Thank you very much and don’t worry – just stay safe!

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  1.   Husna Says:

    I always go on kid Rex

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