Google Maps , Google Earth and Apple Maps by Mr. Wardlow

Google Maps, Google Earth and Apple Maps are great ways of experimenting with maps and ‘exploring’ the world.

Google Maps and Apple Maps are available on the school iPads. The Google Maps app is in the Geography and Science section of the home screen and the Apple Maps app (simply called ‘maps’) is in the Utilities section.

Google Earth and Apple Maps can be downloaded at home with permission from an adult. I think Apple Maps is only available via the Apps Store on iOS  (iPads, iPhones, etc.). If, like me, you use Android ‘phones or tablets, you can download the Google Maps and Google Earth apps using Google Play. Remember to seek permission from an adult if doing this outside school.

I use Google Maps or Google Earth nearly every night for FUN! There is no end to what you can discover about our world!


4 Responses to “Google Maps , Google Earth and Apple Maps by Mr. Wardlow”

  1.   Kais Says:

    Can’t we live in any other planet mr wardlow?

    •   mwardlow Says:

      Interesting question. We would need a suitable atmosphere and temperature, along with water, just to start. Earth provides us with all of these – do any other planets in the universe?

  2.   Hamzah Says:

    Have you ever been on a planet

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