Welcome to Lowerplace Primary School Geography Blogs by Mr. Wardlow



What is Geography?

There are many definitions, but in my opinion, the Royal Geographic Society puts it clearly, in stating that:

“Geography is the study of Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is, quite simply, about the world in which we live.”

Unlike some of our other fantastic blogs, this one is very new, so I am looking forward to seeing us share lots more information. I hope that children and adults from all over the world will soon find out about our learning and contribute to it. In the meantime, though, remember that this is YOUR your blog and YOUR opportunity to make Geography fun.


Good luck!


4 Responses to “Welcome to Lowerplace Primary School Geography Blogs by Mr. Wardlow”

  1.   Haady Says:

    Great job mister wallow you must have worked hard on this

  2.   Maryam Says:

    I am fan of geography!

  3.   Kais Says:

    Just to ask you a question mr wardlaw

    What was the persons name who died in the typhoon in japan

    •   mwardlow Says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know. I was sad to hear that nature has taken this person’s life, but nature can be dangerous at times, typhoons being an example.

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